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The Changelog

The latest updates and improvements to the next version of Tatsu. Releasing soon.

  • November 25
    Screenshot of Edit Questions

    Adjust the questions quickly

    By: Jamie Wright

    Modify the questions for your standup right inside Slack during setup. You can add, remove, or move questions..

  • November 11
    Screenshot of Edit Participants

    Faster standup setup

    By: Jamie Wright

    Modify the participants for your standup right inside Slack during setup. You can add or remove existing users.

  • October 28
    Screenshot of Create new Channel

    Stay in flow

    By: Jamie Wright

    You can now create a new channel for your meetings when setting up a new meeting. Don't loose the context.

  • October 14
    Screenshot of Remind Me to Setup Later

    No Rush

    By: Jamie Wright

    Worked on the setup after install a bit this last period. You can now remind yourself to setup Tatsu at a later time. Clear the mind.

  • September 30
    An image of a hotel in Norway

    Hello, Changelog

    By: Jamie Wright

    The next version of Tatsu is being built. As you read this, I am probably holed up in my basement coding away on the new version of Tatsu. I can't wait to share the journey with you. Welcome to the Changelog.