February 3

Home Sweet Home

By: Jamie Wright

The initial mockup for Tatsu App Home

App Home Commenced

Like most projects, scheduling the schedules took much longer than anticipated but it is now complete, except for a few edge cases. Those are documented and it is time to move on. But first, let’s acknowledge that you can finally schedule a recurring discussion. 🚀

A place for your discussions

Another task that I completed was designing the App Home for Slack. The App Home is a “home page” for your application within Slack. It is a feature that came out after the original Tatsu was released and so this is a brand new feature for Tatsu Next.

I wanted Tatsu to look different from other Slack apps. I wanted users to see the care into the usefulness of having every discuss right in front of you.

I am sure there will be changes along the way. This is the first version.

What's on your plate?

In short, I want to highlight the following on app home.

  1. A schedule for today and this week for any scheduled meeting.
  2. A quick look at what is on your plate. Who is waiting on you? Who are you waiting on?
  3. A place to start a new discussion.

In addition to the above, the app home will be a place to change you settings, your billing, and your connections…with a few additional fun plans to work on.

This will keep me busy for a bit.

Until next time. 🌎✌️