October 14

No Rush

By: Jamie Wright

Screenshot of Remind Me to Setup Later

No Rush

I worked on the setup a bit more. I wanted to go down the setup path a bit more because it has it’s interactions defined a bit more. There are affordances for answering Tatsu in a modal or within a message and I wanted to play that out a bit more to see what is involved in supporting multiple different input methods. Is it the best place to spend time right now? Probably not but here we are.

The “No Rush” feature is a way to allow an installer to remind themselves to to finish setting up Tatsu at a later time. I want user’s to be able to download Tatsu if they hear about it, play around with it, but if they don’t want to fully commit yet, they can remind themselves of setting it up later. It helps with the calmness of the product. No rush.

When they install Tatsu and they select “additional options”, they can remind themselves to install Tatsu at a later time.

Screenshot of a message for additional options in Tatsu

This feature required some more plumbing in Juvet, especially around the scheduled messages API, which we use to implement this. The following was shipped in Juvet:

This also required the storing of the user’s timezone and timezone offset from Slack. We need this information in order to appropriately schedule the reminder for the user. (In my humble opinion, Slack should send this information with the time picker or have a timezone picker component).

With all of these pieces in place, I was able to complete the Remind Me Later to Setup feature 🎉

Once you create the reminder, you will be presented with the success message.

Screenshot of a message for a successful reminder being set

When the time comes, Slack comes through and reminds you.

Screenshot of a message for the scheduled reminder

Until next time. 🌎✌️