June 23

It's Been a Minute

By: Jamie Wright

Edit channel in discussion

I’ve Been Busy Building

I promise I have not been Slacking™. I just had some sudden, new, higher priorities. Let’s get caught up.

Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. Tatsu Next is not currently my full-time focus. It does not generate a sustainable income (yet!) so I fund my development work on Tatsu Next with consultant income. I started with a new client and that always eats up time.

New Tatsu Features

I have managed to build a few advancements with Tatsu.

I am working on way to easily edit any of the scheduled discussions you have for your team. The scheduled discussions are listed on the app home for Tatsu.

Screenshot of Scheduled Discussions list on App Home

You will be able to edit any aspect of the discussion by using the edit button next to the discussion. You can now update the channel.

Editing a Scheduled Discussion from App Home

Soon you will be able to update the questions, participants, and schedule.

A more mature Juvet

In order to implement some of these features in a sane way, Juvet needed to become more mature. These fixes and new feature were a direct result of using Juvet within Tatsu.

The biggest feature I implemented was Request Formats. This allows you to reuse a controller action for the same interaction, whether that was on a message surface or a modal surface or a “page” surface (app home).

In addition, I fixed two major bugs that were found.

  1. Normalized parameters were not working for Slack commands
  2. Redirecting to another action caused an infinate loop

If you are using Juvet, you will want to pull in the latest. Again, this is not ready to be a library yet but the plan is to make it into a viable library soon.

Some new thinking

I published the first “lesson” on the new Tatsu Next homepage. This lesson talks about the differences between discussions and meetings.

This is my first stance and look into how Tatsu will eventually work. I felt so strongly about these terms that I took a few days to go through the entire application and remove any mention of meeting, instead of a discussion, in the website copy. In addition, I went through and even changed all of the domain models to use Discussion instead of Meeting.

GitHub PR screenshot for changing meetings to discussions

I am looking forward to showing how Tatsu is different and will help your team become more asynchronous with discussions.

Until next time. 🌎✌️