More Discussions, Fewer Meetings

We have all been there before.

You have a presentation due tomorrow for a meeting at 10 am.

However, your colleague Jack put his meeting related to his high priority responsibility on your calendar last week.

It was for a week later, so of course you accepted the meeting. You want to help your colleague.

Jack thinks you will have some feedback on the costs of his project, so he invited you, along with 3 others, for different aspects of his project.

Now you and 4 others have to sit through an hour-long meeting so each of you can answer some of Jack’s questions only relevant to you during a 15-minute span.

Most of the meeting you are zoned out, thinking of your presentation due tomorrow.

The meeting ends. It went over the time alloted so Jack never got to the costs of the project. You never got a chance to participate.

Another meeting is scheduled for next week.

Inter-company communication is broken

You have too much on your plate. Your responsibilities at work never seem to take into account all of the meetings you have spread throughout the day.

The in-person meetings. The Zoom meetings. The last-minute-cancellation meetings.

Your 9-5 turns into early mornings or late evenings doing the real work because you spent the day discussing the work.

The default of most companies is to “pull” anyone within the planetary motion of a project into synchronous meetings.

It is not healthy. It’s not healthy to the bottom line of your company. It’s not great to the mental health of your team.

This does not have to be the default. It shouldn’t be the default. The default is currently broken.

Tatsu, a little unobtrusive chatbot, has big plans to transform your default company communication into a healthy, discussion-based asset.

Discussions > Meetings

Discussions and meetings are both designed to accomplish a goal. Discussions should be the default. Meetings should be the extraordinary.

Discussions can happen asynchronously. Meetings happen at a specific time for everyone, no matter the attendees’ current attention.

Discussions are on your time, when you have the space to think. Meetings are scheduled against your time.

Discussions require your attention when you are present. Meetings require your fortitude to open Instagram.

Discussions allow you to receive feedback when you need it. Meetings desire feedback when it is not necessary.

Discussions are around when you need them. Meetings are ephemeral time fires.

Tatsu Next is coming to help

Tatsu is a discussion-led framework under the disguise of a chatbot to help reduce the need for meetings. Tatsu will allow you to create your own discussion framework that works for your own team.

You can create workflows to get feedback on a presentation, or a design, a piece of code or an architectual drawing. Discuss anything.

You’ll have the context you need right in front of you when you need to provide feedback.

Get a list of what is on your plate so you can attack when the time is right for you.

Create deadlines for feedback from your teammates so you don’t create emergencies.

If you need to get high-fidelity with someone, you can select the appropriate participants and schedule a meeting. A much quicker meeting at that.

You’ll be more organized with more time on your hands to do the actual work.

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