January 6

A Mighty Scheduling Modal

By: Jamie Wright

Screenshot of Edit Schedule

The most adaptable scheduling modal

The scheduling modal took the entire month of December to build but I think it was worth it.

It is both powerful but easy to grok and understand what is happening. It allows you to choose the days of the week that you want to have a repeating discussion. You can then choose a time and either a timezone that works for the whole team or have it run at a given time in each participants timezone. This is a highly requested feature that will be available in the next version of Tatsu.

The timezone component works very similar to the one built into Savvycal. The default choices are the common metazones. You can search for any of those or for any city. It makes the selection of a timezone much better than just a dropdown full of words no one knows.

Changing the timezone

Since the timezone component uses Slack’s external datasource select component, I added another route type (options_load) to Juvet.

Each change that is made updates the summary of the schedule right within the modal. This should help participants easily grok the schedule. That description is then used to summarize the schedule as well. It works very well and makes Slack feel alive a bit more.

I did not implement the “add another schedule” button yet but that will be built later. It is necessary to make scheduling the most flexible. I have decided that it will be behind a higher pay tier since I think you should pay more to have more on your schedule. 😜

Coming soon message

The next few weeks I plan on implementing the actual scheduling so that the discussions can be started automatically. If I get through that, the next area is the reporting side of the discussion. This will include making a nice app home for Tatsu.

Until next time. 🌎✌️